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I'd like to offer my condolences to those who've lost loved ones in this tragedy.

I'm not familiar with ship navigation, but I imagine it is somewhat similar to air navigation where waypoints can be entered into a navigation computer...

What is curious to me in some of the press photos of this accident are what appears to be a navigational buoy right in front of the Costa Concordia and a small light house just beyond.  Is it possible that the ships pilot/navigator selected the buoy as a waypoint to which the ship steered and ran aground?

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Ive only just seen this on tv, shocking!

I'm not sure of the process of maritime accident investigation but I guess all will come out in time. I saw somewhere else that apparently just prior to the collision the ship lost electrical power and thus the ability to steer! I'm not sure if that is fact or supposition though.


I attended a training course were we shown a video of the ships track from its AIS. Seems when they realized how close they were to land they (ships navigating officers) altered course, but unfortunately due to the vessels size and speed, she carried to much sidewards motion. This sidewards motion took them onto the rock. Unfortunately instead of trying to beach the ship the Captain steered the vessel out to sea. After losing all power the wind and sea then fortunately carried the ship onto the rocks. thoughts as well go to the loved and lost ones of this tragedy..In regards to the navigation..her electronic charts are pre-loaded with all of her way points a lot of Costa ships use this route..and none have come to grief before

I can only imagine that the course set was overridden by the navigating doing so all bets are off as to her true position at the time of the doubt the marine enquiry will sort a lot of the conjecture out..


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