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to anyone that can help

i just downloaded shipfinder for work but i am unable to locate my companies cargo vessels. does anyone know if this app identifies domestic cargo vessels?


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Hi Steve,

Our system works via AIS base stations that collect data transmitted by vessels in the area.

We need to have a feed or receiver in the area to pick up this data

I would expect that your vessels are AIS equipped.

I think the issue might be that we don't cover your location yet.

Please can you let me know where your cargo vessels operate and I will check.



Mark Daniels


Thank you for your quick response. I work at the port of Anchorage Alaska. the vessels i want to track travel from Tacoma to Anchorage, to Kodiak, to Dutch Harbor and back to Tacoma. This is a fairly short route but none the less it would be nice to track them. thank you for your help 


Thanks Steve,

We'll try our best to get the coverage you need.


Thank You 

I cant wait


If your vessels are equipped with AIS transponders, you should be able to see them in Puget Sound and the Strait of Georgia. Shipfinder does show some spotty coverage north of Georgia Strait, but none in Alaska. shows vessels around Dutch Harbour, and in SE Alaska.

Any of the ship tracking sites depend on volunteers establishing monitoring stations, and feeding received data to the websites.  Since AIS uses transmissions in the Marine VHF band, typical coverage is 30 - 50 miles from the receiving station.

Thank you Peter

I'll check out and see if i can find our vessels when they make their way to Dutch and Kodiak.



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Alaska is just one of a large number of recently updated airlines in the app. We're glad that they kept the Inuit!

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If we don't have coverage in your area and you are interested in helping out then we'd love to hear from you.


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