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Hi ..does any one know when the bow of this ship and other superstructure changes were made and why..Thanx...

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Hi Keith,

Sorry not me but I did find this that tells a bit about the vessel and operator...


Thanx Mark ...visited the company,s site and found a bit of info t.She is a D type vessel class

which explains her seems they specialise in Heavy lift etc..They are regular visitors to Australia

(not much ice here tho) all the best..

Keith G

Hey Keith,

I am the captain on board of the Donaugracht at this moment and also at the time you took the pictures in Melbourne last week sunday.

About your question.....the bow and superstructure has never been changed since newbuilding 2009, all original. Indeed the shape of the bow is made for ice , since we have a worldwide coverage.

The superstructure is designed to accomodate extra 8 students and a teacher. The bridge on top of the navigation bridge is so called the Tutorbridge and has all equipment (Radar,VHF,ECDIS,SAT-C,Weateherfax,GPS ect) for the students to follow the actual navigation, without interferring.

On the picture from aftship, you see next to the free fall boat an additional 2 story accomodation. In here is a classroom  for teaching purpose and 2 extra cabins on top including a recreation room.

Hope this will answer your question.

The pictures are great, thank you.

Thanks Captain

It indeed answered my question..I can update my  blog..(

I usually set up where the bike punt crosses on the Spotswood side..I,ll make sure to give you a wave and get more pix

and wish you and your crew fair winds and safe passages..Cheers..

Keith Goldie


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