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I noticed this morning a new town appears to have sprung up in Hampshire.

This is to be found on Google Maps (including those used with and labelled "Town Centre".

The location seems very familiar to me .... Oh! It appears to have replaced Basingstoke!

I wonder if Google Maps has been hacked?

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It does say Basinstoke immediately under Town Centre!!

Only when zoomed in to the nth degree. It didn't show as Town Centre prior to today.

Open Planefinder and select the Hampshire/Sussex area.Town Centre is writ large.

And there we are! Others have at last noticed this and Google have said they are looking into how it happened.

Looking at Planefinder this morning, I was pleased to see Basingstoke has been returned to its proper place. It must have been a major screw up that lost Basingstoke in the first place as it has taken them 3 weeks to put it back.


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