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Photo screening quality and keeping up with colour schemes


Im not trying to crititise anyone involved in Planefinder as it is a great app, but the quality of the photos screened is bordering awful, dots in the sky that you can hardly see, photos with half a nose missing, photos upside down, dark and blurry photos to name a few, sorry guys but at one time you said there was going to be a half decent screening system in place, this doesnt do anything for the great apps. Also aircraft which have had special schemes or airline changes arent updated. More proffessional photographers would upload if the photo quality was there, dont get me wrong there are some already good photos on here and some good photographers but its just the accept without screening policy is killing the app and website for me



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I agree with you Speedbird002, ships are the same

I agree to some extent. Blurry, upside down and dots in the sky should probably be not used on the apps as they do bring the app experience down a bit. But, at the same time, I don't want to see an over zealous approach to screening like on some websites.
Rejected because horizon is 2 degrees from horizontal blah, blah
Rejected because aircraft does not fill entire image blah,blah.
I like the fact that Pinkfroot is welcoming to all levels of skill and allows newcomers and youngsters to post photos. Maybe the photos could appear on the site but not automatically go to the apps.
Darryl says that more professional photographers would upload if quality was better (which would be great) but it would be a shame if this was at the expense of a kid with his/her compact camera posting because he/she didn't think their photo would be valued.

Well, said David.  I'm new to Pinkfroot, so was reluctant to respond, felt I needed to earn my spurs, so to speak.  Not everyone can afford sophisticated equipment and as you say youngster need to be involved/encouraged. We all had to start somewhere. I have found the diversity of subject and content to be most interesting.  To lose that because of over stringent selection process would be a retrograde step.  Whether it finds it's way to the apps is another matter.

I think you make some good points there but... (there's always a 'but', isn't there!)

The points made re putting off the newcomers and youngsters are well made. I have seen other sites where the rules are more and more rigidly enforced to the point where a site becomes a royal pain.

I am not sure about the accept without screening comment. I thought they were all screened upon uploading?

Re aircraft changes, special schemes etc being updated; isn't that down to the photos being uploaded?

I just uploaded a couple of photos from last June of American Airlines N780AN because I noticed the current crop of photos on the app are all in the old, shiny American Airlines livery but this aircraft has been repainted in the new AA colours. I expect that change will eventually filter out to the app. So, special schemes and repaints are down to the members contributing.

And of course, we have to consider the mods workload. If the screening is not up to the mark, that is probably down to the mods working their socks off on other things and for free. Perhaps we members could volunteer to help out there. I know I would be happy to do some of that if it will help.

Finally, as another has pointed out, let's not go down the route of that well known aviation photography site that will reject photos for the most flimsy of reasons. I think they are heading toward being an exclusive site, restricted to accepting photos only from those with deep pockets and therefore able to use top of the line kit and at exotic locations where the sun always shines!

I agree to most points made, my point is just about the real low quality photos, as a proffessional site with an app has a standard to keep up to as its the first thing someone will look at if they want to view the plane and not just a grey sky with a blur or a mark in the corner which is supposed to be an aircraft

Some very good points made all round in this discussion. Fuzzy dots in the sky, sloping horizons at sea and scenery that may include a ship/plane in one corner all make my rapidly diminishing hair bristle. Ditto over-exposure, under-exposure and randomly cropped aspect ratios. From my own perspective however, I'm a refugee from "that website" (there is actually more than one) and their arrogant, utterly unhelpful rejections I've received for what I regard as well prepared shots. I would hate to see that disease spread, particularly if it puts off youngsters and beginners.

I have observed that quite often the issue is not down to expensive kit but rather it is about what is done to a photo before uploading it. All that is required is a little effort and some freeware. Admittedly it wont save us from "fuzzy dots in the sky" but many of the other issues can be dealt with. I frequently download dodgy shots and clean them up just for the practice. The net result is that I have fixed up a number of shots that I would now be very proud to call my own.

By the same token I have also got some very nice results out of both my iPhone and a little Fuji, again through a bit of tidying up. It is an area I get quite animated about to the point where I put together a couple of "how to" articles on my page about it. Not sure if they ever get looked at these days but I tried. [AIRCRAFT] and [SHIPS].

I'd happily put my hand up to help approve photos.

I thought this site was for professionals and amateurs I quote from Pinkfroot " Uploads are welcome from professional photographers through to holiday snapshots provided that the photo is of a ship or a commercial aircraft."
I think you are missing the point of this site
Not really, theres a difference between an acceptable photo from an amateur and a photo which is just total rubbish like what i said previously. Even an amateur using green box mode should be able to provide a half decent photo.

Hmm. I have just seen some classic examples of what Darryl is talking about. At the time of writing, A6-EHJ is on approach to Heathrow. Clicking on this flight brings up some horror shows!

Well Done Darryl this is a discussion that need to be had if planefinder / shipfinder are to survive into the future especially with the competition in these areas.  I feel there is plenty of scope between those sites seeking perfection and fuzzy / blurry dots in the sky. A few simple basic rules uniformly enforced should go a long way to improving the photo stock.

On the subject of keeping up with colour schemes I suggest (and have done so to the team) that photos in planefinder appear 'most recent first' rather than the current system which seems to give certain photographers priority over others. For example today I was looking at a BA flight, to see what the plane looks like now I had to wade through almost a dozen photos of the plane in old BMI colours.   I also notice  that the photos of some photographers, who haven't posted in years get preference over more recent and accurate photos.

Regards - Mick

Thank you all for contributing to this debate.
The purpose of this site is two fold.
1) A friendly community for those sharing our common interests of aviation, shipping and photography.
2) A method for people to enrich our apps through sharing photos.
Not sure if you remember our very first apps that used Google images - that was not good!!
We definitely do not see ourself as an elitist site for the world's top aircraft/ship photographers.
We do of course very much appreciate the work from many brilliant photographers who share their work here.
We also welcome more general pictures that we know would not be accepted elsewhere.
We feel that the mixture of images achieves both of our objectives and we very much enjoy working on, and using, this site. When it works well we get great feedback for the user experience of our apps so know these photos are appreciated by a much wider audience than this site.
Having said that we know that we make mistakes and let through images that do not add to the quality of the apps - and in fact do the opposite!
We did change our approach a while back and now do reject more than we used to.
Looking at some photos of A6-EHJ I have no idea why we would have let those through at any time!
  • We appreciate the work by Hans, speedbird002 and many more who teach site members, and us, how  to take better photos.
  • We will try our best to strike a good balance between quality, variety and a welcoming community.
  • We will revisit how we order the displayed photos in the apps.
  • We will keep listening.
We've made a start by deleting the worst photos of A6-EHJ that really should not have been here in the first place!

Hi Mark,  What about a link on each photo page for anyone to suggest an inappropriate photo or tag,  I have noticed a number of mis-tagged photos of late.

Regards - Mick


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