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We have had great results using two different types of antenna.

Our favourite, and one we use for ourselves and in the US, is made and supplied by Dave at DPD.

It's the ADS-B (SBS / RadarBox) Vertical Outdoor Model Antenna at the bottom of the page. 

It also can be supplied with an SMA patch. This is perfect for connecting to the main antenna cable.

We have also had excellent results for the UK supplied antenna for Jim at SSE

Again a patch lead can be supplied if required.

Cable is also a very important factor.
We use BuryFlex from Davis Orion in the US and Westflex 103 elsewhere.
We use these cables because the antenna suppliers recommend them!
Both cables require N Male connections on each end if using the patch leads and antennas described above.

In our experience you will get the most from your ADS-B receiver by following a few simple rules...

  • Location - This is critical - Get the antenna in a position with a clear a view of the sky as possible. Normally the higher the better. Buildings and hills will cause blind spots. They can be loft mounted in a good location.
  • Antenna - Get a good one based upon other peoples recommendations. Alternately read up on how to achieve good or better results by making your own.
  • Cable - Again good quality cable is important. Be careful of bend radiuses and don't coil up cable lengths unnecessarily as longer cables suffer greater losses.
We welcome information and advice from people way more experienced than we are on this subject.

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usefull to check

I have a (14,5 dBi gain) directional antenna, frequency range 1070-1110 MHz but have not yet had the opportunity to test it for a longer period of time.
Actually in use the Wimo GP-1090 (5dB gain) omnidirectional.
I use the moonraker radar 100 omni.


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