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Want to know what that ship is out there and where it is going? Want to keep an eye on friends and family on their cruise?

Need to keep up to date with breaking Maritime News?

Or maybe you are a maritime professional interested or just interested in ships, yachting or your local port.

With an ever growing network we cover ports, marinas, rivers and seas across the globe.

From people walking their dog on the beach to port pilots Ship Finder is the preferred app for people across the world.

Download Ship Finder from the App Store:

Ship Finder vessel tracker app covers most major regions across the globe providing virtually real time information on ships, yachts and vessels in the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, China, Japan, Russia and many more locations.

You can check our live map at to see the very latest coverage 24 hours a day.

The following images show just some of the features available (These are from the iPhone and iPod version).

Ship Finder is a so simple to use app that you can simply open up the app and get instant results. We know of active users from 9 to 90 years of age - maybe there are even younger and older ones!

Look into Ship Finder a little deeper and you will see a wealth of features and options that let you customize the app to exactly how it best suits you.

Marine professionals, holidaymakers, yachtsmen and people living near the water will love the simple access to the detailed and accurate information in Ship Finder.

Settings allow you to control exactly what you want to see and how you want to see it. For example you can choose what you want displayed on the ship labels, whether you want them bright or even whether you want them on the screen at all.

Settings will also let you chose map type and how the screen behaves - do you want it following the vessel or staying still - in either case the ships will be moving in real time just like a ship plotter or radar!

Search is another powerful tool - enabling fast access to all currently tracked vessels .

Ship Finder also includes bookmarks so if you want to zoom into New York and then hop across to Cowes or see the whole of the USA or move across the world to ASIA then just set up bookmarks to switch effortlessly between them.

In addition to the marine traffic maps Ship Finder enables you to find out much more about the vessel and it's voyage.

The details screen in the app shows a photo of the ship - select this and you can usually scroll between more than one photo for most planes.

You can view the photos in portrait or landscape too.

The app photos are interesting and varied - these are sent to us by a wide range of people including professional marine photographers, people using the app, boat owners and ship spotters.

You can even join in and upload your own pictures!

The amazing level of detail in Ship Finder includes route information and facts and figures on the vessel.

This includes details of the current voyage including destination, speed, course, vessel type, dimensions, status and more!

Quick access icons at the top of the details page enable you to share the information to Facebook, Twitter and email and to save to your photo album. These options are great if you see something really interesting that you want to share or look up later.

Here at pinkfroot we work hard to make Ship Finder an enjoyable experience however you use the app.

We hope that you enjoy both the Ship Finder apps and the website.


iPad owners check out the iPad optimised HD version here

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