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Some different aircraft at Heathrow today

This morning was interesting for an hour or two.

The Met Office said the weather was going to be cloudy. We who take photographs call it by a different name: "rain"!

Still, there was a nice new Air Canada 787; C-FVLQ, followed by an unusual Swiss Air International very unusual visitor, a Boeing 777; HB-JNG. Finally there was a Lufthansa visitor that is causing a stir on other forums.

This was the A321 D-AISP and it is now painted in Lufthansa's new livery.

I have posted a couple of photos and they are awaiting approval.

Meanwhile, they can be seen here:


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Comment by Bryan Crawford on February 11, 2018 at 18:01

Hi, Kelvin I've just looked at D-AISP on your web page (impressive) as Pinkfroot seems to be blocking a full view. New livery looks o.k to me. I went to Manchester last Sunday with the same weather situation, good forecast then gloom.

Comment by Kelvin Davies on February 11, 2018 at 18:55

Hi Bryan. The photo still isn't yet approved on Pinkfroot. I too think the new livery is OK. Taking the yellow circle out of the tail makes it look less like a Creme Egg!

Today's weather was funny. My brother phoned me from the Wirral and he mentioned they had had a couple of heavy hail storms there and I enjoyed telling him how it had been nice and sunny down here. Then, 10 minutes later, a nasty cloud popped up and we had 2 gentle bouts of hail. One of them even had snow in it! That stopped me laughing!

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