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  • Glovis Caravel

    Glovis Caravel 0:18

    Vessel type: Vehicles Carrier Gross tonnage: 58,767 tons Summer DWT: 20,434 tons Build Year 2012 Tags: 311054300 Jack Dryden Dec 1, 2016 4/5 stars 20 views

  • SIEM Barracuda

    SIEM Barracuda 0:17

    Vessel type: Multi Purpose Offshore Vessel Gross tonnage: 8,594 tons Summer DWT: 5,292 tons Length:… Jack Dryden Nov 17, 2016 4/5 stars 39 views

  • Islay Trader

    Islay Trader 0:08

    Vessel type: General Cargo Gross tonnage: 1,512 tons Summer DWT: 2,386 tons Length: 75 m Beam: 11 m… Tags: 314265000 Jack Dryden Oct 19, 2016 2/5 stars 21 views

  • Hoegh America

    Hoegh America 0:14

    Vessel type: Vehicles Carrier Gross tonnage: 57,718 tons Summer DWT: 21,182 tons Length: 200 m Beam… Tags: 311595000 Jack Dryden Oct 19, 2016 3/5 stars 24 views

  • BBC Vesuvius

    BBC Vesuvius 0:18

    Vessel type: General Cargo Gross tonnage:8,255 tons Summer DWT: 9,310 tons Length: 126 m Beam: 22 m… Tags: 305865000 Jack Dryden Oct 12, 2016 2/5 stars 21 views

  • Kerne

    Kerne 0:20

    Kerne Steam tug passing Daniel Adamson on the Manchester Ship Canal Turn up the volume!! Tags: canal, ship Howard - Liverpool Oct 5, 2016 4/5 stars 32 views

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