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Hi everyone, I am new to this site and would like to know how to add a picture of my boat to the screen that pops up when I click on my vessels name on the ship finder app?

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Hi Brian!

Welcome to Pinkfroot and I hope you enjoy using the site for your interests in boats!

The process of uploading photos to the Pinkfroot apps is very simple. Click the 'Photos' button located in the center just below the Pinkfroot logo at the very top of the page. Click the 'Add' button and add photos from the machine that you're using. Upload them and add a Title and tag the photo with information such as the MMSI number, location and the type. The MMSI number is very important as without this, the photo will not display in the Pinkfroot's apps. Once that is done, click save to save the changes and then there is the approving process. This is when one of the Pinkfroot administrators approves the photo and then the photo appears in the Ship Finder app.

Good Luck and if there are any problems, please reply and I would be happy to help with your problem. I'm sure other members of Pinkfroot would also be glad to help!


Shine :D

Hi Brian and welcome. Shine covered it very well, just note that in either the title or tag line there should be a [space] before and after the MMSI number. Quite a few few people get caught by that. Plenty of help here if you need it.




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