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Should we just type in the registration to this area when uploading photographs?


Congratulations on crossing the 2,000 mark folks!  Keep them coming.







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Yes please. Registration is essential in this field and anything else you want there.


Thanks Lee.



Yes Well done lads think you do a sterling job, l dont think many of the lads and lasses will be out there today -11 here in york plus sod all flying,might get a couple of loads to you then my trip down south will have been exhausted,pity l didnot have my digi last year when we went to AMS/CDG/ORY?LHR never mind well see what next year brings, might have more time on my own, and get the passport renewed,thats it and try not to drink to much, all the Best  Rick

how to add tag to a ship, so it can be shown to the right wessel?
When we add registration information, does it just have to be the letter string or do we have to include the dash as well? i.e. which would be correct in the tag - "G-EUBX" or "GEUBX"?
can someone uppload a howtodo a tag video on youtube :)


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