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Hi Planefinder,
I love watching the ADS-B airline traffic into BOS & NYC airports.
But there are time like now when i believe your NYC receiver is off line, as no ADS-B traffic is showing in the NYC area.
It would be brilliant if both BOS & JFK ADS-B traffic network were  to be online 24/7.
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Hi Paul,

Sorry for the inconvenience and I know it can be frustrating when this happens.

As you have seen our NYC ADS-B feed is offline at the moment - hopefully it will be back soon.
We will add more receivers over time to increase coverage and resilience so hopefully we can keep data going 24/7.

Great to know that enjoy watching the data during normal operations.

Hi Mark,

Thank you for your reply regarding the NYC ADS-B feed.
I really appreciate your efforts and look forward to the NYC feed being back online, and the increased coverage and 24/7 operation in the future.
I very much enjoy watching traffic in and out of JFK & EWR as well as the high level traffic flying in the vicinity of NYC.

Many thanks Mark

I have complained about this situation also. JFK was up for most of this past weekend and is down again now. Its very frustrating.

Hi Daniel,

In this instance the person hosting the receiver is away so the data feed is offline.

We do understand your frustration and we will continue to try our best to improve both coverage and reliability.


I ordered a micro ADSB receiver from Europe. I am on the waiting list. Maybe it will be helpful. I dont know, but i will give it a try.

Happy Holidays, love the program


Thanks Daniel,

We'd certainly appreciate any data you can contribute once you get the receiver.

Great to know that you love the program too.

Happy Holidays :o)


Your welcome to it as soon as I get it and figure it out. I am not the brightest bulb.
Its been several days and it is still down. Tell the person to leave their door open next time so we can send a delegation to fix his set up!

Hi Daniel!

Yeah - Saw that! Good idea :o)

When you get yours Lee or I can help you get it setup if you need anything.


I just hope it contributes. Although i am near JFK and under some of the LGA routes, i am not in a great location. I am in a slight valley and surrounded by trees and buildings. Even if i go with a big antenna i would have to go really high to surmount some of this. Unfortunately i dont really know how these kinds of thngs work. Its really going to be a crap shoot as to whether this is going to be any kind of useful contribution. I am not holding out much hope for a few reasons, mostly that your JFK feed gets decent JFK but no LGA? I cant see why that would be other then physcal limitaions of the radar and location of set up. But i am willing to give a shot. Truthfully, you know what you have in that other feed. Its good. Put the eggs in that basket. Anyway. If you have any influence with the gentlemen who makes the micro ones that I ordered, see if you cant bump me up on the list! ; ). Otherwise, i will let you know when i get it and ask for help when I give it a whirl!

Very frustrating that New York JFK being one of America's most famous airport has the least traffic coverage.

On any given day i could look up YYZ,YUL,YVR,YYC,ORD,BOS,IAD,MIA,SFO,LAX etc and see excellent ADS-B airline traffic, but JFK !

On the odd occasion there is excellent ADS-B coverage for JFK Airport it only last a few days which seems to be the norm. 

I am not writing to complain but rather to ask if we can get a good reliable 24H ADS-B feed for JFK Airport.

I did email Mark Daniels regarding my quest for a more reliable JFK Airport ADS-B feed and got the below reply. I will keep my fingers cross that this will come to fruition.


Good news on JFK - there is still a risk of outages until a dedicated computer is used for the location.

This should happen in the first few weeks of the New Year.
The feed is back! Bravo! I am still waiting my turn in line for the micro ADS-B usb stick. Hoping it comes soon and I can help out a bit. Keep up the good work.


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