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Just wondering if anyone on here has tried aerial photography?

Would be good to share project tips.

Obviosly this would be of no use to aviation photos (flying rc planes near, however for photographing ships I think this may have its potentials...? hmmmm


Hoping to capture some ships soon, thinking of taking off from near Calshot or Leep. May have a word with the coast watchtower to see what they think 1st.

Without getting to close to ships, maybe still staying over the ground but around 200ft up may be a safe option.


Im Using a Multiplex Easystar 2 RC plane , and Spektrum DX8 dsmx control and a kodak playsport atm

hoping to upgrade to a goproHD soon.


Heres some photos Ive taken so far inland....would love to capture some big tankers!






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I've not used a RC plane (yet) but know a guy who has gotten some pretty good results with one:

Overlooking Wick Harbour & Bay.

I have done a bit from a flexwing microlight, which is actually a very good platform for aerial photography (short of a helicopter). From a microlight about 1500 - 2000 ft is ideal, they're reasonably slow so you get plenty of time to line up your shots and you can easily lean over to get good clear angles. (and they are comparatively cheap)
Other than that you want a high wing plane like a Cessna 150 or 172.

Here's a shot (old and crappy) of Manchester Ringway taken from Manchester Barton overhead in a microlight:

Wick Airport from a C172:

Just in case you've not seen it, for RC aircraft have a look at the CAA's guidance:

I guess using an RC plane it's a case of trial and error until you get the angle and height right.
Even if you don't intend to operate near airports it's worth giving some of the smaller aerodromes a call, they will be able to guide you as to proximity and operating heights nearby. And with the right approach they may be cooperative for closer flying with some coordination at quiet times.  ;-)

Hi Phil, yeah it was trial an error at first, but just making finishing touches to me FPV system which uses a AV sender to a ground station monitor.

Basically theres a camera on the plane which has a live feed to ground station, on the ground station is an AV receiver with monitor, this was you can fly with the feeling of being inside the actual cockpit, the idea is so we can line up the flight so to get the photos we need. photos will be taken from a frozen screen shot afterwards once the 1080p video has been downloaded onto laptop.

Still unsure where i can test this out as my usual haunt is Calshot to take photos and as they have a control tower there Im not sure they would like any rc planes 'buzzing ' them. Will try to find a more suitable take off area soon. Maybe somewhere near hythe marina.


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