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Now then, is there anybody out there familiar with Marine AIS receivers?

If so, a little help would be nice.

I am looking for an AIS receiver that will output an NMEA stream on a flying lead.

This is for my brother's boat. He has an excellent Lowrance chart plotter and thought he would add an AIS receiver. With an available NMEA signal output, he could plumb that into his plotter and have the AIS signals plotted direct onto that.

The trouble is, you can find lots of AIS receivers that either produce no usable output, displaying data on their own screen or with NMEA outputs on odd connectors. I have seen one with an output on a USB connector. Perhaps I could use that with a suitable connector/cable if I knew the pin outs.Anyone got any ideas/recommendations?


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I think a company called Coastal Explorer from Woodinville, Wa USA may have the solution.

Good luck. And if it works out, tell Stephen "Tom sent me"...


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