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I tagged this question on the end of an Alert blog post, but had no joy there so I thought I'd give it a try here!
I don't know if this has been covered anywhere else, but I'd like to find an easy way to get PF to alert me of ALL traffic visible from my house. I can pinch the map into the area where I need it to do this, but would then have to put all individual types/airlines in under seperate alerts, which would be a pain at best, pretty much impossible at worst! I'm wondering whether I can enter part squawk codes from 0-9 (just 10 separate alerts, i.e. 0***, 1***, 2***, etc, assuming 'wild cards' are acceptable, are they?), or if there's an easier way? Any help greatly appreciated!

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Hi Simon,

We don't have this capability in the app currently.

Wildcards will not work either!

Apart from the ideas you have thought, or variations of it, there isn't much more you can do.

We'll consider changes to the way this works in the future.

Sorry this reply wasn't worth waiting for!


Not at all, Mark, I appreciate your reply, thank you! I did wonder if this was the case, as I'd normally have figured out a way around it by now, but I was struggling with this one! Hopefully there's a simple-ish workaround as (personally speaking!) I'd find it very useful! Thanks again for your reply, fantastic app as I always say ;) Although I am struggling to see the aircraft icons with their new 'shadows', although if nobody else has reported it then it's probably just my age and the fact that my eyes are running out of time! ;)


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