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Hi there.

RIM has finally released the highly anticipated OS 2.0 for its PlayBook and BlackBerry Bridge 2.0 for its BlackBerry devices, giving the user a more in-depth and fluid interface. Users can now benefit from native email and calendar applications (finally!), use their PlayBook to surf the web, via their BlackBerry device, via bluetooth or Wi-Fi and also completely control their PlayBook using their BlackBerry device.

The release of OS 2.0 for the PlayBook not only harbours these updates, but is now also a new step in application development. The BlackBerry OS is not exactly developer-friendly due to how it works and its coding. However, the QNX OS-based PlayBook is able to run Android applications flawlessly via an application called Android App Player. Android application developers have already set in motion special variants of their already-existing Android applications which only require tweaking in order for them to be ported, via Android App Player, to the BlackBerry PlayBook.

Even though I can run Ship Finder and Plane Finder on my BlackBerry PlayBook, it would be excellent to see Plane Finder and Ship Finder on the PlayBook as a native application. The amount I would use Plane Finder would make a price of £5.00 or even £7.00 seem cheap.

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Hi Kenneth, 

Does our Android app work through this as we were led to believe that apps with maps won't work!

Do you have a screenshot?

Hi Lee,

I have not yet used Apndroid App Player on my own PlayBook, but I have used it on a work colleague's. I will endeavour to aquire Android App Player and it requires 'side loading' into the PlayBook's OS. Once I get it up and running I shall take a few screenshots.

I know what you mean about map applications; There is a strong rumour floating around that Microsoft has paid RIM to natively include Bing Maps instead of Google Maps. As a result of this agreement, it is not possible to use Google Maps via any browser on the PlayBook and there is no Google Maps application available for download. However, there is a third party application available for the PlayBook called MapApp which basically overlays Google Maps. On MapApp, I am still able to find my location using GPS, change different layers (satellite, simple, etc.) and even use Street View.

My BlackBerry 9900 device is loaded with OS 7, a much anticipated improvement over the 'useless' OS 5 and 6. With OS 7, I am not able to obtain any flight + map applications, but I am able to access the FlightRadar24 desktop website and track aircraft as if using it as an application. I know there isn't any thought on making a BlackBerry device application for Plane Finder or Ship Finder, but if there is, I don't think it will be worth it as of now; RIM is changing their device platform over to QNX which will be released onto new devices in Autumn this year.

Here is a screenshot of my phone's browser running FlightRadar24. The drawbacks are that it displays the desktop site and sometimes the aircraft require a few taps as they are too small on the screen.



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