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Last sunday Charlie (my son) and I popped down to Calshot Castle, what a great afternoon, you can park right up to the beach then set up tripods by your car to shoot acroos the water at the container / cruise and military ops ships arriving or leaving southampton docks. The ships come very very close to the edge, at one point when HMS Bulwark left southamton I had to change from my 300mm zoom lens to the 55mm kit lens just to get all the ship in the frame. Great stuff!


Has anyone else been on here been to Calshot?

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Not me yet - Did get the ferry across to Hythe for the day recently which was a great day out and a pretty good view point.

I'll make sure I get across to Calshot when I get the chance.

I'll take my 55mm then and hopefully can get some decent shots too!





now the weathers getting good hoping to get down Calshot a bit more , are you still thinking of popping over one day :)

Im still trying to come up with a cunning plan to get me the tower to get some high up shots... hmm not how restricted it is to the public. Looking out for open days, could then go in but time it perfectly for some passing ships :)

Sure am - just sent you a message to that effect :o)

Good luck with the cunning plan - I'll be super impressed if you can pull that one off!!


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