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Does Shipfinder HD work well on an iPad 2 Wifi only model?

Hi All,

Wondering if anyone would care to share their experience with Shipfinder HD on a WIFI only iPad?

I use this app on my iPhone 4 all the time and it works great. I am thinking about an iPad purchase and for most use I would just need the WIFI only model. That model lacks not only 3G capability for when I am away from WIFI, but it has no GPS functionality either. I am assuming the Shipfinder app would still be able to find my location using WIFI triangulation (though not as accurately as a unit with GPS). Or would I be much better off getting a unit that has GPS?


Many thanks- Brent

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Hey Brent,


It works quite well on the iPad 2 with WiFi.  If it can't locate you then you can save some bookmarks like you can on the iPhone app.  We are going to make some improvements to this in the next version as it can be a bit annoying at the moment if it can't find you.


You could always buy the 3G model and not have a SIM card in it in the short term.  I personally have the 3G model as I do like the GPS functionality.



Thanks guys for the great replies :)

Well, it looks like it is a no brainer at this point as to which model I should get. I just found out that here in the States with my wireless provider tethering to my iPhone 4 will require me to give up my unlimited data plan- whch I won't do.

So a Wifi only model would be truly Wifi only for me. It makes sense to get one capable of 3G even if I will only use it once in a while. I can pre-pay for data for the iPad without a contract, and even if I never use that functionality the extra purchase price will mostly come back to me if I ever sell the unit- plus I will be gaining GPS. I am pretty sure I read that the GPS functions even if you aren't using 3G.


So with luck I will find a unit in stock soon- and will be seeing ship images on a bigger screen :)

Works great with 1st gen IPad in WiFi mode. The app finds my location down to my street lot. I then have to pan to a inlet and ShipFinder HD does it's thing. Like I said works great with the IPad wi-fi.


Thanks Walter!

I ended up getting an iPad 3G and it acquires the location super fast. But I'm sure the wifi only model would do the job just fine as you say too :)


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