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Hi want to start a forum discussion about using editing programs and subjects to work out your pictures and what program you use and how.

Like Photoshop, Lightroom, Nikon Capture or even the free programs like Windos Live photo gallery, Picassa, etc etc.

Change out some experiences and ideas about leveling, colors, sharpening etc etc.



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Hi Humphrey,

great timing...I've just about completed an 8 page article on this very subject that I was going to post very soon.

My article is aimed more at basic fixes for photos using freeware. It is a subject that deserves a bit of airing because a lot of simple fixes can be done for minimal cost and effort.



Hi Hans


Looking forward to your article would be a great  input.



looking forward to reading your article

Thanks for starting the discussion Humphrey. Should help a lot. Love that Germanwings A319 pic.

Jacky B.

Hans Fairhurst's 8 page info sheet is well worth a look, I have not long started putting photos of ships on, when I was directed to his site, as I never Edited my Photo's, just put up the ones that came out OK, but now, even some of the one's I would not have used can be made to work and look good. I keep a copy of his info on by iPads e-Books page, for reference. but and I think it is a big but, not all Photo's need Edited, I sometimes feel that they start to look like Postcard Photo's, and is not what the taker intended, what the camera and the user see's might be what he wants and if it's clear enough to be seen as a ship / plane, then why not. I still would not do without Hans advice and the Program he tells you about, is a must, it is so easy to use, and does everything, I have Photoshop, but don't use it now, I go straight to the free program Hans tells you about, not going to name it, so you will have to go look at Hans Info,,,,


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