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Would it not be fairer to limit photo submissions to say 6 pics.

This would stop excessive uploads[ 60 plus] and would be more fair to members who may only have a few

photographs hoping to allow members to view them on page 1 or 2 not page 6 or 7.

I think there are statistics somewhere that say most viewers on a site do not go beyond the first two pages.

Your views would be appreciated. 

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I agree with this, and in some cases pictures are not even of a Plane or a Ship so they take up un-necessary space.

Cap the upload limit to give other photographers a chance to get feedback on their work.

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the discussion on this.

One of the main drivers (for us) for the photographs is for them to be viewed in the Ship Finder and Plane Finder apps and via and

Using that rationale then multiple images of the same aircraft add a great deal to the richness of the user experience. There are still many ships and planes that don't have any photos too.

We are always trying to evolve and improve what we do so it is interesting to hear of the perspective of viewing the photos primarily on this site too. We'll keep thinking about this.



I'm one of those who have been guilty of uploading a picture that was not of either a plane or a ship but an aerial view of Manchester Airport which although plane related I would have no problem if it had been rejected because of it not actually featuring plane or ship. However it still falls into an area which is of interest on a site like this.

There may be an argument to restrict uploads but from my point of view 6 is too few, for the reason being I upload as and when I have the time and relevant pics, it may be 1, 2 or 20.

I share them for two reasons, 1. Just for peoples general viewing pleasure 2. when I notice that the plane / boat isn't already in the gallery i.e. in support of the apps etc.

However I do this as and when time permits as I take photo's for pleasure, so if things become restrictive it may turn people like me off from submitting.

I am also guilty of submitting images that are not of an aeryplane or boat, but generally with a aviation or maritime theme. Again this is just for fun and I hope of interest to some.

I've always enjoyed the images on this site as there doesn't seem to be any subjective restrictions and it is an open forum if you like. None of the silly "horizon not level" or the blue sky isn't the right shade of blue or other tosh that the likes of and others went overboard with.

It allows for anyone with an interest in flying / sailing things to submit their pics regardless of their ability or kit, and that should be supported.



Phil, 6 was just a suggestion, it could be a reasonable number, as opposed to 50 + 

I am not advocating restrictions as I am all for the pleasure of taking the photograph and others being able to view it.

I have never suggested that photos of aviation or maritime themes should not be submitted, in fact I am of the opinion that there should be more like photos uploaded.





Just to confirm my viewpoint.

If you look at my submissions you will see that I try, not only to show the subject, but also anything else within the original photograph that might be of interest to the viewer, and where possible I add a narrative. 

Hi guys,

I am a new member and within a couple of days I uploaded about 100 pictures of ships. It may be considered 'dumping' but since I noticed that every time I used, 90% of the time there was no picture associated to that ship, so I thought I would help the website by uploading my pictures.

I guess we have to figure out or clarify the purpose of uploading pictures. Is it to have exchanges between members or feed images to the website?

I don't like comparing websites but when you use, a picture can be found for 99% of the ships.

I will comply with the rules so if the webmasters think that I am uploading too many pictures I will stop doing so. Please inform me on what you would like me to do.


Steve Geronazzo

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the discussion on this as Mark has said.

The primary focus is to get the photos onto the websites and into the apps so bulk uploading is indeed welcome.  Also for me after a day of spotting I will have 50+ photos that need uploading so am a victim of "spamming" myself but this is the only way I will do it.

From our point of view carry on, Mark and I look at every single one between us and have great enjoyment from it too!


Hi Lee,

Ok. I will continue uploading pictures. I have another 400 to upload! ;) I will however do so over the next few days or weeks.

Steve G

Thanks Lee

Need a visit to an airport again!

Me too!  Mark and I went up to LHR for a few hours last week.  That was fun but cold!

Next trip will be


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