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I am new to the group so first off would like to say thank you for developing such a cool product. I live in the U.S. and understand that we don't have the larger ADS-B adoption yet but this app is great for general plan spotting all over I've noticed a few things in the app that I'm curious about. There is probably a good explanation but I have not seen anything in the forum.

First is flight "tags" in map view sometimes show the wrong departure or arrival airport. For example, I noticed today an aircraft over Phoenix that showed KLAX-PHNL as the route. It was UAL 3, N57111. Actual route found by referencing flight was KIAH-PHNL.

Looking at the same aircraft's history reveals "gaps" where it shows KEWR-KMIA at 9:00 am and then the same day at 7:00 pm shows KEWR-EGLL. As if there was no flight from KMIA back to KEWR. I wonder if this is due to ADS-B not being utilized on the KMIA-KEWR leg? I've noticed these two "anomalies" on several flights. Any idea what causes this?

I see huge additional potential with this app and look forward to more ADS-B progress here in the U.S. Thanks again!


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Hello from the UK Aaron.
The route anomaly on the ADS-B appears quite regularly. Sometimes there is no route read out at all. I'm not totally 100% sure but I think some of the info transmitted has to be manually input into the system by the crew at the beginning of the flight. Just like entries to the FMS or other electronic aids the odd mistake can happen now and then.
Information such as aircraft speed or heading comes directly from the flight instruments so has no human input.
I've noticed that many of the flights in the US have 3 figures instead of a full flight number. Is this what the crew are required to set in the system?

Thanks David,

Route info is not actually broadcast by the plane itself so we have to do some huge work on the routes behind the scenes.

This info (and the US data) will be getting better in the next couple of weeks and we will hopefully get rid of all route issues once and for all!  It is exciting work but back breaking too!

We will do a blog update when the data is live in the system.


Thanks to you both for the reply. I did some "self education" on ADS-B last night and see that the route data is not part of the ADS-B "out" stream. Many thanks for making this info available. Your efforts are appreciated.

Contrary to some unfair reviews I've seen in the app store, the app does exactly what it says. I had the chance to see it in action yesterday when a plane in saw in the app flew directly over my home at exactly the same time. Brilliant stuff. Thanks again for your work!!

Good grief Lee that must be one huge bit of programming to get the routes on Planefinder then! Amazing!
One large headache :-) But well worth it when sorted.

Phase 1 went live over the weekend and this has MUCH better route resolution now!


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