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Why is it always heavily overcast when I get something interesting over my house?! Just had a Cathay Pacific B744 (B-HUG) over out of LHR, which may not be particularly exciting for some, but they hardly ever route this far north! And it's like there's a duvet overhead! Oh well, can't be helped, just needed to vent some pent-up frustration! Thanks. ;)

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Ah not good - I guess without Plane Finder you might not have noticed and therefore would have been blissfully ignorant of the missed opportunity!!

Sorry about that!!


Mark Daniels

Good point! Yes, I'm therefore holding you entirely responsible, Mark! ;) Blooming' British weather, eh! Knew I should've driven up to The Airport pub in MAN, where the clouds never get in the way! Thanks for an amazing app really!

Not the best summer for spotting is it!!

I went to MAN recently - Very nice facility although I did miss the pub!

I hope that viewing locations will catch on at more airports but I won't hold my breath.

Anyways - great to know that you enjoy what we do - despite the duvet clouds!

Darryl - your photographs seem to be always blessed with beautiful blue skies and the sun glinting off fuselages and winglets! Makes me mad! (with envy!)


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