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(assuming you're a plane spotter) How do you manage your photographs? (Which program etc. Photoshop, Lightroom, Apple Aperture)



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Hi  Francisco, l have had  30yrs of prints and only l year off digi have 28 albums of prints from all my outings  mounted with log nice to go back to look at Manchester in Aug 1980, none of those carriers or planes about now, just had a 3day blitz in may with 300  plus images, beauty of digi  would love how to file my ships lm a bit lost on setting up new files and drag and drop  oh yes that was at LHR STD there are programs to set your logs , doing away with books you might have to do it yourself or get a wizz kid in  Rickward York

Hi Francisco


I have a pretty neat setup. I have an excel spreadsheet listing all the commercial UK aircraft. I hyperlink all the aircraft i've seen, to a folder (i have one sub folder with around 500 individual "plane" folders) which i dump all the pictures of that a/c in. I have attached my spreadsheet (the oneworld and other airline tabs are still work in progress) if you want to copy it/use the framework. In terms of editing, i only really crop, and adjust the brightness and contrast, which i do with microsoft photo editor. 


Once you've got a system in place, its easy to work with!




Is Lightroom easy to work with, i've been considering getting some decent software, but not sure if its worth the money.. How easy is it to organize files?





Thanks Gadger

One more question, I've downloaded the free trial from adobe - would it help improve/organise my existing library?

Thanks, Jack

Hi Andrew,

I've not got a dropbox account, so i'll send you an email. Many thanks, Jack.

Hi Jack,

I very much agree with Andrew that you will find Lightroom 3 very useful for not only processing your images, but organizing them after importing.

I still use Photoshop, but honestly Lighroom will prepare your images for upload to Pinkfroot perfectly well, and it can even do a few tricks Photoshop can not.

Do take advantage of the academic discounts Adobe provides if you purchase it (assuming these are available in the UK).



Thanks Brent!


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