Photo community for Plane Finder and Ship Finder

You can submit direct from the site and via email.
Wherever possible please tag your photos:

For Ships
  • MMSI
  • Vessel Name
  • Location
For Planes
  • Aircraft Registration
  • Aircraft Type
  • Location
This will help us to display you images in the apps.

To learn how to send by mobile email go to My Page -> Profile and look for you email address under Mobile Uploads. (Your address is also displayed on the Add Photos page).

For Mobile Uploads the subject will become the title and the body text will become the description.

You can also upload from your Flickr account - go to Add Photos to do this.

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What size etc?







Hey Neil,


Not too big if possible, we will resample them to 800 max dimension for the apps as they don't need to be massive for the smaller screens!  


Most people have been uploading files of 1-2MB and max dimensions of about 1024x768.  Of course you can upload as you wish, don't want you to have to go through the hassle of resampling them.  We have systems for that!

Thanks Lee   I'll see if I can bang off a few to you.





Perfect, that's great Neil!

We will be having a competition shortly to win some goodies so keep your eye on the site.

Aircraft Type   eg A330  or A332/A333 etc. ??  Airport  name or ICAO?



We just are after the aircraft registration i.e. N111AN or G-EUXE but the more data the merrier as there are a lot of people on here that will enjoy these photos too! :-)

Just added my first ten snaps Lee   I think I did it correctly, I see album etc.


Does a photo credit appear or should I imbed on the image  (more work eh?)


All for now.


Keep up the good work.


I have a bunch of ideas for you which I will send along, but enough for now.


Best wishes to you and Mark.



Thanks Neil, and thanks for the photos they look great.  On the site they are not watermarked but when they appear in the apps they will have a lovely pinkfroot - Neil Aird on them all :-)


Mail the ideas across.  We are working on a killer feature now that we think will be great!



Hi I've sent my pics off to that email adress but I still havent had any results. I included the reg code with the pictures being in the emails but still nothing. All together I sent three emails. The aircraft were- PH-BGA, OO-DWF and YR-BAC, but when I look at them there's still no picture :( thanks for reading, but could anyone offer any advice please? :)

Hi Dillon,


If you have used the e-mail address that you see in your settings then I can't imagine what is not working.


Possibly the files are too large or they are not the right format?  It is worth trying to upload them manually on the site, this will let you upload them in bulk too and is quite a nice tool

are the members mainly into shipping or aircraft pics, l have albums of 6x4 going back to 1980 on my 27th now full of goodies dont know where they will go when l go to the big hangar in the sky from my spotting days at Amsterdam, Paris. Franfurt, Zurich, Geneva Dussoldorf, is there away to make them digi files  rick york

thanks for that make did not know that was for my benifit seem to be getting a few pics now coming in got the hang of it not sure about my album ricks bank thought there was more then 1 in  cheers rick


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