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Heard news that KLM are going to withdraw there MD11's from service in May 2012 weather they will use them as there own cargo aircraft I don't know. They recieve their first A330-300 in may so once the first one come in the first md11 will go apparently PH-KCH will be the first to go.

Thought i would let everyone know anyone heard anything else on the matter??

Jon Bland

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It will certainly be a shame as they are old now but do look amazing!


Not heard anything about when they are withdrawing but yes I've seen the A330-300's on order.  


Snap em while you can.


Its meant to be may 12, bit of a shame Lee as there the last passenger operated md11's, i have a few snapped up still need about 3, hopefully will be going over soon to AMS its just which ones are in I guess.

I have uploaded some KLM MD11 picts but dont know how to add them to this discussion so if you wanted to see them check them out there in my AMS folder

Does any body know if KLM are doing any special flights with their MD11 for aviation enthusiast before they are all retired and if so do you know the dates?.


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