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Maritime question for people on the West of Scotland

 On the 1st of september, we were on Mull (at the very NW of the Isle actually).
Looking out to sea, and West of The small Isles, (and very much at distance but could be seen with naked eye, just) there appeared to be what looked like 4 very high, reddish "tower blocks" in the middle of the ocean.
We asked locals what they were and even though they had seen them too, nobody had any clues to their identity.
During the hour or so we spent on the beach, the positions of each of the towers changed somewhat until they eventually dissapeared over the horizon heading North, obviously afloat on some very large ship (s) or other.

Serious question. Anyone any idea what they were at all, or indeed, who do we ask to find out (Some shipping company maybe) ????

Thanks folks

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That area's Vessel Traffic Department may have picked them up on Radar, asking them can do no harm. They should know all what is going on in that area

Oul rig?
Oil rig?


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