Photo community for Plane Finder and Ship Finder

A big thank you to everyone that shares their photos with us.

We know that these are enjoyed by users of the apps and websites across the world.

We often get asked if we can provide a list of missing photos too as many people have extensive archives of aviation photos.

I'll update this list from time to time as hopefully it will continue to shrink!

9 April 2014 Update!

The link below provides a quick downloadable summary of regularly tracked aircraft that we don't have a photo for as of April 09 2014


Despite everyones amazing efforts this list keeps on growing!!!

Various reasons for this we think - we added US FAA data a while back, our coverage keeps on expanding and more and more aircraft are being equipped with ADS-B!!

Sorry about that :o)

I hope that this is useful!




Old 04 February 2013 Spreadsheet


Old Sept 3rd 2012 Spreadsheet..

Missing Photos.xls

Oct 2012


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Wow!! what a list to fill,I am sure the members of Pinkfroot will soon shrink the list.I will try to help out.Keith

Mark, I've got 155 photos that will fill gaps (used Excel MATCH function to compare my DB list with yours). Photos to follow in time... Gary

Thanks Keith

Err yeah - it is a long list!

It was a lot longer a few months ago though!

Cheers Gary - 155 is a nice dent in the list too :o)

I will inform my homefront i will not be at home for a year but camping around the world to work out the list.

BTW notice a lot of same pics in the Planefinder HD on a plane tag.  some has 4 identical pics on a tag.

:o) Thanks Humphrey - maybe I should do the same!!

If you let me know the reg of any aircraft with duplicate photos then I'll delete some.

(Either contact me here or via

I'll look out for that problem too.



3 more aussie aircraft to cross off the list. Jetstars newie VH-VFH and two REX Saabs VH-ZRB and ZRY

Cheers Chris :o)

I've added a new spreadsheet - see first entry on this page!

PH-FDD became A6-FDD (fly dubai)

Added a new spreadsheet - again entry at the top.

Thanks everyone for uploading some wonderful shots and helping make the apps better.


Hi Mark,

You can cross off Jetstar VH-VFJ. I'll be uploading 4 pics soon onto the site...I'll keep my eyes open for more.

Just joined and have uploaded a shot of A9C-AWL in the Kazantzakis folder. Still trawling through the list .


Colin Smith

We are saddened to learn of the passing of Colin Smith on the 30th September.

Colin was a great friend to the ship spotting community and was also an active member of this site for many years.

We know that Colin made some very good friends here and he will be both sadly missed and fondly remembered.

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