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Just like to say Ive noticed a great improvement on the mmsi tracking on the app around Lymington area! More vessels seem to be showing up now!  :)

Has there been a boost in the area or is it just down to more yachts being used in the summer?





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We get an AIS data feed from Cowes now.

Also we recently moved one of our receivers to a higher location north of Portsmouth.

I think both of those are helping you!

Hi Mark, it seems like the info for Lymington Harbour has dropped out, only get the ferries now, just wondering you was aware.



Cheers Steve,

No I wasn't!

I'll look into that now....


Thanks Mark

Hi Mark just wondering youve had any luck in boosting the Lym area please, seems theres quite a few in the area atm but still on picking up just the ferries.

AIS feed from the IOW. hope that helps.

All the best




Hi Steve,

Yes and No. Mostly no!

I last spoke to the AIS supplier yesterday though and we should be back online soon now.

John has excellent data locally but no longer shares his AIS with us.


Hi Mark, thats for checking, I usually take my lunchbreak 5 mins from work at the yacht club so take the camera with me. :)  Ill keep uploading photos of known mmsi's anyway.

Hope you didnt mind me asking.

All the best


Hi Steve,

No of course not - just wish I could hurry the return of the data up!!

I'll keep trying!!

Thanks for continuing to upload!


Hi Steve,

I think we're back??

A bit quiet right now though so I can't really tell!!


Hi Mark

Im sure mmsi 235094899 and 211502660 should be showing which are currently moored @ Berthon opposite the ferry terminal.
Strange that the ferries always show up but yachts dont, do they have a stronger signal?, please excuse my lack of knowledge.
Ill keep you posted of any changes this end, thanks for your help :)
Autosky 255801480 is heading towards hurst castle atm and is showing up in the area ok, also Jaynee W which I believe weve both captured :D

We sure have :)

I'm still not sure it is working as well as it was!

Bigger ships do ten to have more powerful transponders - also their antennas are higher up so that helps too!


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