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Hi there. While trying to get to sleep about 10 minutes ago, I hear an aircraft at a high altitude pass over my house. Naturally, I whip out PlaneFinder and see what aircraft it is and where it's heading. I realised that even though the airport is not marked on PlaneFinder, nor FlightRadar24, its route shows that it came from Brize Norton. I just checked the Brize Norton departures page but it doesn't show up.

Even thought it it extremely rare of me to find them, aircraft departing and arriving at Brize Norton do not appear with any departure or arrival airport information. I have searched the flight number on Google but to no avail. Does anyone know about the arrivals and departures of he airfield? I notice MNG Airlines Cargo operate there from time to time but hardly see their aircraft at all. I have attached a screenshot of MON8754.

Thanks for any insight.

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Hi Kenneth

These are MOD charters.They seem to be using Brize quite a lot these days, and quite a variety of airlines/aircraft.

There's a quite frequent Portugese A 330 ,often AN 12's too.They usually track over north London, over Northolt then straight into Brize.

Have fun


Hi Terry,
Thanks for the reply. I have also often seen the Portugese A330s, Orbest Orizonia Airlines. Thank you for telling me that they are charters for the MOD. There are also CMB flights run by Omni Air International, North American Airlines and World Airways Cargo which come from the United States and fly to and from the middle east. I know it's probably not possible, but is there any way to know where these flight originate from and where they are going to? I'm sure the government have nothing to hide.

Sorry Kenneth, none that I know of, but I am not a 'military' minded person.

Have fun


Nothing dodgy, just troop movements etc. Staging through Akrotiri, Al Minhad and I guess Afghanistan & Iraq.

Being charters they do not show up on the usual airport movements sites etc.

Thank you for the information. I had a feeling it was heading for the middle east. I always wonder why airport departure boards do not show aircraft apart from airlines, never cargo or private. I have always wanted to know when cargo arrives and departs from Stansted, especially MNG Cargo and Federal Express. Are there any sites which show cargo departures and arrivals?


Hi Kenneth

As far as I know there are no sites for cargo shedules. Generally no one wants/needs to know about cargo flights except those involved :-). Cargo flights are often charters too so don't have a schedule. Fedex are courier not cargo, so they will generally arrive at their hub (Stansted for Fedex and TNT, East Midlands for DHL & UPS) during the evening, the parcels are then sorted into destinations loaded onto aircraft and despatched in the early hours 2 or 3 a.m., but there are no hard & fast times, They go when the plane is full or when all pieces for the given destinations are loaded.The aircraft then fly to the 'hub' for the country/area, (Bergamo for Northern Italy, Valladolid for Northern Spain e.t.c. are offloaded, broken down into smaller areas and flights or trucks go off the their destinations where they are in turn broken down into smaller areas then put on vans for delivery.Mail is handled much the same way.



MON8732 Boeing 757-200 looks like it has just departed Brize Norton (4th Feb - 1500 approx) climbing and turning south east.  As said probably some troop movements. 

....and then disappeared from the map over the Alps at about 1645.

Off to sunny Cyprus.

Hi there.

Thanks for the information provided from everyone. I have tracked these flights more closely and have found out where some of these flights go to and from. MON8757 (now currently approaching EGVN) is from OMDB (via LCEN or LCLK or LCPH) to EGVN. MON8225 is from LIRN to EGKK and MON8758 is from EGVN to EDDV. MON9218 did a very weird pattern the other day. It flew from EGKK, flew north to about 170 miles off the coast of northern Scotland and flew in what seemed to be holding patterns, but at cruising altitude. This flight then headed south and landed back at EGKK. Maybe some flight training perhaps?


Everyone is quite correct about the flights being MOD charters. Brize is the hub for military personnel flights and has a purpose built terminal. The RAF simply hasn't the capacity to do all the flights and, I believe the charters are cheaper. But,also, the airlines use Brize for training flights as there are no slot restrictions and the fees will be cheaper. Imagine an A320 trying to do circuits at LGW.
The other day an Easyjet A320 was doing circuits at Doncaster Robin Hood. It had done 2 or 3 when I saw it on planefinder but I didn't have time to watch where it then went.
I have seen EZY flights doing curcuits at Doncaster too. It had done at least four, both left and right. It had originated from Gatwick but I tooo had to stop watching as I had work to do. So, suppose I hired a private jet, it would be cheaper to hire it from Brize Norton, since the landing and ground fees are cheaper? I have thought about hiring a jet with a group of 10 people or more to spread the cost and travel somewhere nice like Bermuda or even Malé. Monarch also do circuits around RAF Manston near Ramsgate. I'm wondering if their fees are cheap too.


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