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I decided today ill take a break from ships and head down to Bournemouth Airport so give the commercial planes a go for the first time, found out its so much harder than sea vessel photography. With the ships you have plenty of time to set up tripod , move camera , focus etc for each ship, blimey...aircraft you have seconds and if that shot is blurred thats it... Ive taken shots at airshows before Inc red arrows etc however you still have time @ shows to get the shot your after as theres plenty of flybys.. anyway managed to capture a few today which ive now upoaded to the site, hope you all like. I think I may go back one weekend and give it another go, great to track the planes coming in using the app, enjoyed it, enjoyed showing a few other photographers @ the cafe the pinkfroot apps too who were amazed at the technology I had on my mobile telephone :) Not much commerical movements there but its very busy with private jets etc. Had a pleasant afternoon @ the bournemouth flying club cafe.

Hope you all had a great weekend too.


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