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Just bought plane finder and find it very good, but in Lincolnshire we have humberside airport but no planes are showing from this airport.
Why is this.?

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Hi Dave,

Good to know that you enjoy the app.

Sorry about the lack of aircraft shown at Humberside though.

By way of explanation we pick up ADS-B data transmitted by aircraft and received by ground base stations.

We see this problem at many UK regional airports. This happens because most of the smaller planes aren't fitted with suitable ADS-B transponders.

I live near Southampton so want Flybe to equip their aircraft asap as I don't see them here either :o(

Hope that all makes sense.



tx mark i understand -we get quite a few military aircraft like awacs and planes from coninsby over our house will these be picked up


Thanks Dave - Sadly they will not be seen either :o(

We do see the odd military aircraft but this is usually just transporters and some training flights.

tx mark much appreciated

hi Mark living with a few yards of Flybe base at Exeter,they say they have no plans at the moment of changing transponders.As you know most of aircraft Flybe have are made in South America,except the dash range which is made in Canada

Hi John,

Thanks for the information. I won't hold my breath then!



KLM flights from/to amsterdam show up at HUY, usually with KL-14**, Also Balkan airways on certain days. Both of which show up on plane finder.


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