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I have a couple of questions: 

I have an alert set up for Air France planes entering the San Francisco Bay area. When I get the alert, I cannot find the plane because there are so many in the SF area.  Is there a way to have the plane tagged so that it is easy to locate?

Next, I like the feature that allows you to follow the history of a plane's flights. Sometimes however, a long string of red headed push pins will appear, following the plan's track. What do these represent?

What do the letters "Oft" by a plane mean?



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Hi rlmslo,

Do you have the alerts set for ANY Air France aircraft or a specific tail number??

As far as i'm aware if its a single aircraft it should take you to the aircraft's current location, i have 4 British Airways 777's on watch and when they check into an alert area im taken to that plane and it is tagged'


Hi, Jared

Thanks for the speedy reply.

No, I do not have the alert set for any specific plane. I am not that familiar with the ones that AF uses.

What does the tag look like on your planes? I have not  noticed anything special on the screen that comes up when I get the alert.




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