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Hello everyone I go to Tenerife every year I go to a seaside place called las galletas get some good pics but I feel there should be somewhere closer does anyone know where they are and how to get to them thanks melvin

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In trando to The Coats, the school is going right next to the = 08 = y Porla road Medano Beach you can go to 26. - I command more information regards

Hello manuel first let me say well done with your picture you can send me the map of where to take pictures at Tenerife south my email address is thanks

Hi Melvin,

I just got home yesterday from Tenerife,

when you get of the highway autopista Del Sur you take the southbound exit on to ave josé maria Galván Bello T-64.

there will be a T-crossing take that little road and you will and up next to Rwy 26


Good Luck

Thanks ferdi much appreciated  dont go till september but cant wait 


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