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Hi can any one let me know if there is an easily accessible place for taking photos at Heathrow at the west side as I am in Reading later today and if I get chance would like to drive up the M4 to the perimeter to have a look hopefully grab a few shots Ta Haydn

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I have been once and I found that Myrtle Avenue was the best that I could find!


Check out this site...

Thanks Lee, managed to get to Mytle Avenue spent a couple of hours, saw some airlines for the first time and saw 2 380's coming in as well.
Awesome, I was surprised when I saw my first a380 at how quiet they are compared to the 747!

Sorry for the late reply only new to this site but just for next time you go to heathrow there is a BP garage on the ring road at heathrow usually when there taking off over the M25 you can snap them up there you would have to wait until they are above the fence but still get some great picts. The staff at the BP are happy for you to park up for free as long as you buy something first i usually get a drink then walk over to the grass area by the entrance to the garage. 


hope this helps


Jon Bland

When Ive been to Heathrow Ive always driven round the perimeter road to the eastern end, and theres an entrance to a car park right at the end of the runway, just in there you used to be able to park, that was a few years ago though, not sure if its changed, also you can walk a little down the road and youll see the planes (sometimes) going across the main road, barriers come down and your then standing nearly under the wing when they cross the road, used to watch concorde there. The eastern end is definalty more acessable then the western end as all the new construction work thats been going on.


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