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I have several photos posted which I believe should link to the app and when you look at a ship you should see your photo,but no,when I look at a ship on the app it either has no photo or not one of mine?Dana Hollandia is one for example.I have 2 pictures of this ship up with MMIS numbers and all but the app shows no photos.Anyone shine some light on the subject?

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Hi Patrick, I had a similar problem at first. Try putting a space between "MMSI" and the number in the photo title. Also try putting the just number in the "Tags" box when you upload. Regards.

Thanks Hans I'll try that.

Maybe you should put a "Space" between MMSI and the number or a doublepoint: MMSI: 123456789

I have no problems with that method. Photos approved appear immediatly on the shipfinder app.

Greetings. Mathias Vieth

Thanks Mathias,I'll give that a go.

Tried what you guys said and no joy.I checked some of my photos already up and some don't even have MMSI numbers on them but appear on the app and others have it the way I had them with no spaces and they appear.It seems to be my most recent ones that aren't linking.So I'm baffled now,think I might just give up on it!!

Hi Patrick,

Mathias and Hans are correct on the fix.

Our servers perform a full sync overnight so most changes won't show up until tomorrow.

I'll check in the morning that your photos are now showing okay.

Thanks for sharing your pictures.


Mark Daniels

Ok,thanks Mark,I'll try again tomorrow and see.

That seems to have worked,thanks everyone.


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