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I think it might be time to make a change and start screening the photos that appear on planefinders net.

Doubling up on pics just to make your photo pop up on the screen when an a/c is selected First is now very common and there are now a huge number low quality pics on the site that need to be filtered out.

Along with ppl up loading everything they take a pic of on a weekend at the airport and spamming the site of average photo's. I know we need to give everyone a fair go and a chance to show there work which I agree to but, I think some changes need to be looked at and locked down.

I'm NOT trying to start a war just a friendly inquiry on what I've seen in the last 6 to 12 months and trying to make the site more professional. And I know screening such photos will pose other questions, problems and so on.



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I agree, Brian. I always try to post only pictures clearly showing the aircraft and I always check for similar photos before posting. If someone has already posted a similar or better quality shot of the plane in the same position, take-off for example, I won't tag the photo (I may not even post it at all). Before posting I also look to see if I can improve upon a picture I have taken before. If so, I will delete the old photo before posting the new one. Here is where I think the site could update as I often see my deleted photos still appear on the app. One final thought, I avoid posting and tagging more than two photos of the same plane taken on the same day. I'm not a fan of opening the app and clicking on a plane only to see 10 photos taken within the same two minutes. I'll tag the best one or two and just label any others without the registration.


How come PF doesn't display little helicopter symbols yet?

Hi Jazza,

We do show them for ADS-B equipped helicopters.

Please can you email any examples of problems to

With thanks and regards,


I do agree with this. I've also suggested in the past that the photo icon at the top of the home page should be split between aviation and shipping much the same way as you have plane finder and ship finder. This was you can view the pictures you are most interested in

Viewing Pinkfroot photos gives the impression that anything and everything will be accepted regardless of quality. Contributors are ignoring the clear advice to straighten, crop and centralise their shots. And yet they are still accepted! Panespotters and Planepictures make the acceptance level so high that only owners of high end camera equipment who understand and have the time to use considerable amounts of photoshop have a hope of acceptance. Pinkfroot has now gone to the other extreme and seemingly let everything in. 

Having said that, I am still going to send only my best shots, properly straightened and cropped. I just wish others would do the same.


Ante todo gracias por Dejarme compartir con Todos vosotros mis fotos.

Mi mas modesta Opinión Al Filo de this Sugerencia de Nuestro compañero   BRIAN WILKES   Que creo mucha Tiene Razón, yo que creo Que tendria uno Cada Ser su verdadero filtro y sin mandar fotos las Cuales estan muy bien Pero Tal Vez No Lo Que Requiere la Publicación, un su Vez sobrecargamos la mano de obra de la persona o las Personas Que Tenga Que valorar las Aceptar fotos párr.

Si que me parece Que Tiene Que Ser populares y de Una cierta Calidad pecado Llegar a profesionalizar this afición.

Saludos y Disfrutar de la Foto.


Hola Ramón,
Gracias por compartir tus fotos.
Es muy apreciado.

Gracias también por sus comentarios sobre nuestro proceso de revisión también.
Nosotros consideramos regular esto y hemos hecho algunos cambios en la forma en que aprobamos y mostrar imágenes en las aplicaciones de seguimiento y sitios web.



Pardon my newness...I downloaded the Plane Finder app ($3.99)  for my iPhone and the results are wonderful in my local Austin, TX area (and worldwide).  I can see what planes are overhead or nearby.

I love to look at planes.  Frequently, when I look at an aircraft, like a Beech Baron, I get a generic outline with a message to upload my own image to  I am certain an image exists, so no need to upload another one, but the app can't find it.  The most obvious option is to upload an image.  I'd rather not clog the site with additional images of the same plane, especially since some of the images already here are much better quality.

Any suggestions?


Hi James,

No problem at all. Welcome.

The photos should be of the specific aircraft so from this photo site we match the tail number to the tracking in Plane Finder to show the photos there.

We do have an issue with the data that we get via the FAA feed as this does not include the tail number!

We therefore can't show the photo or any of the aircraft information.

We are working on this and hope to make improvements.

Hope that explains what you are seeing.

Best regards,


So I should resist the urge to upload a bunch of photos for now?


We sure don't mind more images - also a lot of people do enjoy viewing more than one image.

I'm also not sure we will have any/many of most Beech Barons.

Please feel free to upload away as you see fit!!

With thanks and best regards,


Hello; I'm new to Pinkfroot. After few month using a Canon 700d "T5i" with a 55 to 250mm lense was very difficult for me to take good pictures because of lack of experience and planning. However Pinkfroot have created a passion for Aircraft photography.

I enjoy looking at other experience photographer in this site and encourage me to be better with my photography. Yes! the first pictures I took were really bad, but because of Pinkfroot allowing some of / but not all of this terrible pictures allow me to find my problems and correct them.

Now I'm using a better set-up Canon 70d with a 100-400mm in combination of other lenses and application to ensure better quality pictures. I plan my location, weather, and distance between me and the subjects I'm shooting. I'm getting there.

I saw this post and I need it to comment on it. I'm not a writer or enjoy posting to much. But I will like to make a point. Are We worry about low quality pictures or somebody else taking a picture that is going to take your or my picture off the main aircraft Planefinder App information? Let's make the right decision for does that are trying their best and not penalize them for a low quality picture but encourage them to get better. 

Therefore; I challenge myself to find the same aircraft with tail number and retake the picture on a better quality. Later i go back and replace the same bad quality picture with a good one by deleting it. 

I will like to thank you all for taking the time to read my post and hope that I could be of some help by commenting in this subject. To you guys at Pinkfroot and all your applications  / software / others that contribute in the success of this website. Thank You for a great job and allowing me to experience it and get better at it. "I have a lot to learn still" but with your help.

I will get there!


Carlos Guzman


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