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Hi Guys


I've just replaced my iphone with a blackberry - don't ask why - i already regret it - and i was wondering if there is a blackberry app on the way soon? I'm sure its been asked already - apologies if it has!


Also, i've got a free weekend coming up, i'm going to go to one of the London airports, but i can't decide.. I want to try and fill as many PF image gaps as possible, and i'm not sure what airlines are lacking photos... I'm thinking heathrow or gatwick to get the BA and Virgin long haul a/c, but i'm not sure.


Thanks, Jack

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Hi Jack,

BlackBerry has been requested a couple of times already so we will keep an eye on the demand and possibly get something together.

I can recommend LHR for spotting as LGW is very difficult. Best place I have found is Myrtle Avenue. Get some nice shots there. All photos are appreciated so don't worry if we already have it.


Okay great :-)


In terms of pictures, i have a friend who lives in Fulham, so right under the flightpath for landing on 27L and 27R at LHR, which is where i take those "planform" style photos - i spend many hours in their back garden with my 400mm lens. I never know whether to head off on the tube to Hatton Cross and get the landing config photos, or stay and get the "planform photos" - which do you think are best? I've only ever been to myrtle once or twice before, i don't like turning up and looking like an amateur!


Thanks, Jack

I have a BlackBerry too and I would like a plane finder app for it
Hi, Jack.

I too would love to vouch for Plane Finder to be released on BlackBerry devices. I have the 9900 and all I can use is Radar Virtuel which doesn't include information like Plane Finder does. I had Plane Finder on my old iPod touch about a few months back and seeing the most up-to-date version on my friend's iPhone 4 makes me wish it was out on the BlackBerry platform. Unfortunately, BlackBerry is a minority in a lot of applications and can be costly since probably not many people would purchase the application, though I'm sure there are many enthusiasts which would make it worth while. I am unable to view the desktop Plane Finder because it redirects me, but I am able to use the desktop Ship Finder perfectly on my 9900 because of its touchscreen.

Truthfully, the amount I have used Plane Finder and information I have gained on my old iPod touch using this wonderful application, I would happily pay £10+ to £15+ for it.

Hi - now that BB OS10 is out - please comment on plans for supporting PF on Blackberry devices.  I currently have an iPhone but have a decision point upcoming - which new phone to get? ...  I love the apps on iPhone/Android, but BB is so much better for "corporate functions" (email, calendar, typing, etc).  All of that being said - having the PF app is one of my top priorities - kudos to Pinkfroot for making such a valuable app :).   

Help !


Tony (near YYZ)

Hi Tony,

No plans at all I'm afraid. We are a small team and there is not much demand for it.

We can't just use the Android version either as we use Google Maps which the BB10 OS does not have.


Thanks for the fast response. 

Now i have some thinking to do ;)



Hey Jack,

I created a similar thread about a year back and when we all met up that one time at Heathrow, they weren't planning to bring Plane Finder out onto BlackBerry devices. Owning a BlackBerry 9900, it was compatible with the web version of Google Maps as I was able to view and operate but not because it displayed a message saying my device wasn't compatible! My BlackBerry PlayBook had an application to view Google Maps just like the web version and even stored image tiles in a cache within the application. I suppose that Plane Finder still isn't possible on BlackBerry devices because there isn't a native maps application as of yet, although Bing Maps was the map application of the PlayBook. Not sure about BlackBerry 10 though... I was thinking to upgrade to one until I remembered Plane Finder! It might sound sad, but my main reason for choosing an iPhone was because of Plane Finder.

Replying to your other message, Jack, me and Joe are heading off to Gatwick Airport this Saturday on the 30th of March 2013 so we can witness and capture videos of US Airways' last inbound and outbound flight. It will be the last US carrier to leave Gatwick and will be the end of US carriers for 35 years. Anyone who is available is invited. Me and Joe plan to arrive at Gatwick at around 0530 in the morning so we can see AWE732 arrive, just in case it arrives early. It departs at 0930 and then we have the rest of the day at Gatwick. We want to see if it is possible for access to the Sofitel Club Lounge as it provides free drinks and canapes, as well as an uninhibited view of the whole of Gatwick Airport. It may cost somewhere in the region of £30 per person but it should be worth it, depending on the weather.

Also, there aren't too many BA long haul flights in and out of Gatwick, they're all G-YMM* 777-200ERs. You'd have to get to Gatwick bright and early for BA and VS flights because the last VS leaves for KMCO at 1300 and the last BA long haul leaves at nearly the same time. I'm sure it's the KMCO service at 1145 though. Also, Gatwick is one of the worst airports for spotting as there is no Skyview anymore and close to no vantage points. Gatwick was in its heyday during the 1990s to early 2000s until British Airport Authorities pulled the plug and Global Infrastructure Partnership took over, sealing the fate of the Skyview viewing terrace. Those were the good days which I would love to see come back.

I have a Blackberry Z10 (upgraded from BB9900) and would like to see Plane Finder for BB10.


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