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I have just updated the PlaneFinder app to version 3.0.0 onto my iPhone 3GS 16GB (ver 5.0.1). Unfortunately I am now suffering from screen freezing when contracting/expanding to current view. In addition, changing the orientation from portrait to landscape is also is very slow. These problems have made the app virtually unusable, which from my point of view is a disaster!

My questions are:-

1. Is this a problem on iPhone 3GS only, or does it affect iPhone 4 as well?

2. Is the recent upgrade to ver 3.0.0 now exceeding the processing power of my iPhone 3GS?

Many thanks



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I have the iPhone 3GS and it works fine on my handset....perhaps attempt to remove completely & re-install!

Also it could be that your iPhone is coming up to capacity which could cause this as it did with mine after removing data it works & runs fine!


Hello Jared
I have reinstalled PlaneFinder as suggested and it's working a bit quicker. It may be that there are a lot more planes on the scree to refresh that's causing the freezing. This is not normally a problem on small areas. But is an issue when monitoring plane movements across the Atlantic for PC-HFDL.


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