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Looking through the galleries on the app, I was wondering who decides which photos are featured on the aircraft info in the app, or is there a rating system that sorts it out. The reason I ask this is that certain new paint jobs are not featured in favour of older schemes and photos that have lower ranges of quality get featured in front of high quality photos.


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I have the same question for shipfinder... No answer yet?

Hi Daryl

Now don't get upset...... quality photos are not the object of the exercise, I am aware your pics appear on Airliners and a 'photographer' is what you are, and consequently can't understand why someone would choose a 'mundane' pic over a 'quality' pic. Could be they don't know the difference, I don't (and don't care, so no explanations please) perhaps they feel the same.

I used to post quite a few (lousy they told me,) airplane pics on another forum , everybody used make fun, I didn't care, any photo is better than no photo is my opinion. I have no real interest in photography and take pics as and when I feel like it, who cares if they are good or bad, they are pics. I am not after any accolades, just want to show someone something I have seen.

Meanwhile have fun



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