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My wife and I sail the SF Bay, Kathy has a concern for vessel traffic, so we downloaded Ship  Finder to her iphone and found it had problems. When you activate the program it shows a world map then it begins a vessel location data search, soon a error pop up window appears requesting  home location information and suggests you close the app and then re open it at which time one can input the home location desired.It should be noted that nn the settings configuration I have set "use gps to set home location."  This setting I have to assume is a variable set to ones current location. Still the revolving door, start up, vessel location data search, error message, around and around. I have gone to the help page and the FAQ section of this site and find nothing that might solve the problem.  Finally app delete eleminated the frustration but has left us in the cold. Has anyone else had problems?



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Hi Larry,

On your device please can you check Settings-->General-->Location Services
In the list please make sure that Ship Finder is set to ON.

Let me know how you get on.


The location services is set to ON, as in addition to Ship Finder we use other location plotting apps. I have deleted Ship Finder from the device and will reload it when time permits. Then we'll see what happens.




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