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I created some alerts for Aeroflot SuperJets (reg. alerts from RA-89001 till RA-89011) and till Friday, 07/27 all worked fine. From Saturday I receive only RA-89001-RA-89003 alerts and no alerts for RA-89005, 6, 7. Sometimes I see these planes in FlightRadar and PlaneFinder, but alerts don't work.

All alerts are global/anywhere. They don't work neither in FlightRadar nor PlaneFinder (both for IOS).

Any ideas?

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Hello Grigory,

I've setup some alerts myself to see if I can see what is going wrong.

Thanks for pointing this out.



Hi Mark,
Is there any news about my problem?

Hi Darryl,

Please can you give me a couple of examples of the ones that aren't working and I'll test those too.




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