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I have just installed the SSE-1090 SJ Mk2 Antenna  and thought I would share my findings with the forum.

First of all a quick run down of my location etc.

I am located in Exmouth in Devon and am approximately 350 Ft Asl, I am on the edge of Woodbury common.

I am new to the Hobby of plane monitoring but have been actively ship monitoring for several years now, I am also a licensed radio Amateur. I recently purchased the SBS-1er from Kinetic and set it up using the supplied desktop antenna. From my location I was seeing planes out to about 60 Nm to the South and South East and about 40 Nm to the West, I was blind to the North completly.

After exchangeing several e-mails with Mark from Pinkfroot who gave me a lot of useful information on antennas and cableing I installed the SES-1090 SJ Mk2 on a 6 Metre pole on the gable end of our property. We live in a bungalow so the antenna is about 10 Metres above ground. From the antenna I have 10 Metres of Westflex with N-Plugs on each end I then couple into about 10 Metres of RG-213 Coax which was aleady installed and running out through the wall of the property. (I did not want to drill more holes in the wall). This in turn links into the patch lead which then plugs into the SBS-1er.

The results were amazing I am now seeing planes out to 250 Nm to the South and East and Planes over the Southern Irish coast and up to 100 Nm up to the North where I was completly blind before, I do not have a pre-amp in line so I think that would improve things even more, I also think that if I had used Westflex for the complete run with no joins straight to the patch lead of the SBS-1er it would perform better as well but to keep the peace with my better half regarding drilling holes in the wall I am happy with things the way they are.

I would recomend one of these antennas to anyone, I am aware they have no gain and there are other antennas about with better gain etc. But for a budget antenna you wont go wrong with one of these as long as you use good quality coax and connecters.

To check out the spec on the SES-1090 SJ Mk2 click on the link below.

Hope this short review is of some use to you.

Geoff Ingram



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