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Don't you just love it when some helps themselves to one of your photos for use on a website without having the basic manners to first ask. I've just found one of mine on a local website with no mention of its origin. Happily I am a manager at one of the companies they list as a major client on their "About Us" page. Should be able to have a little fun with that fact.  :o)

I have photos on a couple of shipping company sites plus 1 in a Finnish maritime magazine and 1 used on local TV news. Never once have I declined a request, asked for recognition or asked for money, I do it for pleasure.

I'd be interested to know what others think about this sort of thing or if they have they experienced it too.

Screen shot of the site attached.

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Best form of flattery, bloody annoying though and cheeky!

Hello Hans, I have quit a few nicked, I always chase them up. If your pic was taken from your site, or any other your image is protected, even if there is no copyright on the image, but it helps to have your stamp on the pic, if there is a copyright mark people think twice. Have a look at....Batch Photo Watermarker on the net, one off payment about 29-50 USD and the software is yours for life. Is it ok if I send this company an email stating that I know of the copyright holder and that you would like to be asked before use of image on a Commercial Company's site ?, let me know and I will send email.


Damn right Lee, what's worse is their office is just down the road from mine. Nicked it right under my nose. Thanks Flyer 1. I have already sent them a relatively polite but direct email pointing out the error of their ways. Equally my disappointment that one of our service providers who claims to be quality accredited company would behave in this way.

I await their reply and I'll look into the watermarking option.

This is not good what a nerve stealing is stealing no mater how you get it with out paying

. . . . . of course the piece may have been put together by a "junior" who knows no better, but it's still not right!


It's a really great photo though.

The lack of credit / recognition annoys me mostly. Had one that was apparently sold to a national for a hefty sum a few years ago.

The best one was GM Police using one of my pics of their helicopter!! What made it worse for me was they screwed up the ratios so made the pic look utter garbage too.

If money had changed hands I would have pursued them over it. That is beyond the pale.

Of course the police screwing up a photo just adds insult.

Its not just Disrespectful, its theft, and there is no excuse for not knowing, that is basic, '' READ THE RULES '', I hate it, and it is spreading everywhere, some now put watermarks into their Photo's, which spoils the Photo for people who want to see a good photo's, but you can't blame them if they are having it happen so much, I don't know the Answer, I know that if I want a Photo for my Private viewing, I ask, I don't see what you get out of putting someone's Photo up, well apart from the fact that you are not any good at taking photo's your self, that being said, you should not be using a Site that is for Posting Photo's Taken by You if you cant take Photo's, It makes you Proud when you get a comment about your Photo, and I have learnt so much about Photo taking and sizing and cropping, basic stuff, That is what makes it so Great to be Part of Pinkfroot, Han's I think you should start being a bit more annoyed at being ripped off, because you give so much to this Site, why should you have your work used by other's, Sorry if I sound a bit annoyed, could be, because I Am.

I once discovered someone in America had taken one of my photographs and had put it on a website credited to themselves. I only found it by chance as I was doing a search for Bury St Edmund in Suffolk and my photo came up but not under my name. I investigated through the website promoters and the other party finally agreed they had stolen my picture.
Good on you, hope you got something out it, and it might deter one or two from doing it, but they are that Hard Skinned.

I'm always putting my mark on my work now. Had an issue with one of our local attractions in which the 'lifted' one of my photos from Flickr for their own use. It's nice that they liked it enough to use it but as they never asked first I made them remove it. Anyone that asks first I always say Yes and I don't even charge. All I want is credit for it

That is a bit naughty Hans, I can understand why it would annoy you.

A while back I needed a photo of the Marco Polo cruise ship for my amateur radio club newsletter that I used to edit. There was an excellent photo of it on Pinkfroot taken by Stevo so dropped an email to Mark and asked him if he could contact Stevo and ask if he would be happy for me to use it. Needless to say both Mark and Stevo were more than happy for me to do so, when asking I of course said that I would give the appropriate credit. I would imagine that most people here would also oblige more than willingly if asked, I know I would.

Common decency not too common these days perhaps...



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