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Don't you just love it when some helps themselves to one of your photos for use on a website without having the basic manners to first ask. I've just found one of mine on a local website with no mention of its origin. Happily I am a manager at one of the companies they list as a major client on their "About Us" page. Should be able to have a little fun with that fact.  :o)

I have photos on a couple of shipping company sites plus 1 in a Finnish maritime magazine and 1 used on local TV news. Never once have I declined a request, asked for recognition or asked for money, I do it for pleasure.

I'd be interested to know what others think about this sort of thing or if they have they experienced it too.

Screen shot of the site attached.

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I have many videos on youtube, the better ones regularly get rebranded and ripped off. One has been taken at least half a dozen times. Youtube is good about getting after those people and shutting them off. So far I haven't seen my pix off Pinkfroot used, but then I haven't looked either! 

Good on you Kevan, Pity there was not more like you.

. . . funnily enough I've had two organisations ask to use a clip of mine from Youtube over last couple of months.  One sent me a little contract to sign! ! !

But it's the ones that don't ask that are difficult to find out about !!!

I am with you. I am happy to have my photos used without charge; just ask first please. 


I am new to the site and enjoy (FP) very much. I myself do photography and video and wanted to pose a few questions, which perhaps have already been asked somewhere here.

I check tail numbers on corporate craft in PF. A lot of times they don't have a picture of the AC. However, if I Google the N number I often times find high-quality pics that have been taken by someone. Some enthusiasts just take pics of AC, but aren't part of this network.

I see that the upload says it must be my work, however, I was wondering if permission has been granted by that person, is this okay to do? As long as they have granted permission to post their picture of the AC and they say sure (of course giving them the credit), is that permissible? And can I give them their due credit in the post?

I've heard it said that "plagiarism is the highest form of flattery," but I always seek copyright permission and give credit where it's due.

Thanks in advance for answers to my inquiry. ;)

I have had many pictures used without request.  It really annoys me when people copy them as "paintings" and then sale them.  Like you I photograph for pleasure and have never declined polite requests.

Well, folks, to stop the bad manner of ripping photos I usually remove some small details in the background, e.g. a removed registration of an a/c in the background or a window, anti-collision-light or a driver of baggage lorry missing.

Who ever will ripp-off and misuse my photos will lose his reputation (or his face as the Japanese word goes) 

Sometimes I get asked.

Sometimes I even get paid.

Sometimes I get ripped off.

I always ask for recognition.

Once photos are out there it's a crap-shoot...

If we let people rip us off they'll do it again, and again...

A publisher with serious intentions in your photos will always pay (or send you the magazine, book etc. with your photos in it).
There are lots of naughty boys all around the world wild web, want to make money with your work without paying for it. No one of the photo rippers ever say “Thank you!” – they’ll just take it.
Everybody knows about the time is he spending with necessary work on the photos, especially scans of old pictures or slides. It is the work behind - sitting for hours working on the photos - which should be reminded and credited.
Don’t think you can do not much or even nothing against ripping off photos. As I described in my post above, on old / historic scans I “improve” some details, resizing to only 800px wide and a copyright marking. Once the photos are released on our website, there is a non-copy plug-in installed, which makes it impossible to download any photos (or text). On digital photos I remove all EXIF-data (even the serial numbers and types of the cameras and lenses are shown), displaying the copyright marking and setting an ID in each photo.
And hope, it will work.


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