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I was very disappointed to see the missing coverage in the North western part of Sweden and the South of Norway. I checked both the iPhone app and and compared it with my AIS and Is this to be improved soon?





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Thanks Kai,


As per my email reply we are looking for more AIS feeds in this region as we do want to improve coverage.


If anyone can help with AIS data please let us know.


Thank you


Thank you Mark, look forward to it.



Hello All.

Just joined this society. My AIS transponder is not visible in the southern part of Sweden, Simrishamn, Skåne. It worked in Ystad (using Shipfinder, but not Marinetraffic). For Marinetraffic, I jhave been lost since we left Bornholm several days ago...

Is this problem with special stations along the coast. I do see larger vessels further south in the Baltic.



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