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Ive been given a Grecom PSR 282 scanner, I havent a clue how to use it, never had one before. 

Ive managed to pick up a couple of overhead planes, I think they were inbound to Bournemouth, hoping to pick up some marine activity aswell, but so far just alot of hissing lol.

Also I hope this is legal/allowed to do. slightly concerned.

Any tips advise very much welcome.

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Highly illegal and you will be shot!!!

Seriously, yes it is illegal to listen to anything you haven't a licence for. Generally speaking you'll not get into any trouble listening to airband freq's as it is quite openly accepted. However common sense needs to be applied as to where you are using the scanner in public etc.

Again the same with Marine band, illegal without a licence but unlikely you'll ever get into trouble.

To improve reception you could do with an external aerial mounted high up, ideally on your roof but more realistic for most people is in the loft. You can buy different ones from ebay - maplin and the likes but the cheapest and easiest is to get a length of coax and strip the end by 2ft and split the outer braid from the inner core but without the two copper sections touching each other. Fix to a piece of wood with the 2ft inner core uppermost and the 2ft of braid inline below.  This is a basic quarterwave dipole roughly centred to the airband frequencies. Cheap & cheerful but if you get this in your loft you'll be surprised at the results. The rubber aerials that come with handheld scanners are quite poor. Also you can get small magmounted aerials for car use, about £15 - £20. Again quite useful when your out and about but only when parked up with engine off as the cars electrics will interfere.

Lots of online info re frequencies but give me a shout if you want any more info.

Hi Steve, I agree with Phill that there is quite a bit of info on line on what to do. A few sites have good frequency lists too.

If you don't want DIY, I'd recommend a discone antenna. I use one for capturing aircraft ACARS communications and it works very well, plenty of gain across a wide range of frequencies. One day I will get around to putting it at the top of my 40ft mast. Below are some pics from a clapped-out old website of mine and you can search on "discone" on ebay, there are a fair few available.

Illegal..? Licence..? Time break out the flaming torches and pitchforks...IMHO.

Same offer...if you need any help, just ask.


Hans (de VK6XN)


You guys are great! cheers for the replies, did spend afew hours on google but didnt really make head or tail of it.

Phill, Ill  make sure Ill wear a bullet proof vest if I get the scanner out in public @ Calshot. :D, maybe ill invest in an in ear headphone.

Looking into your aerial idea. Firstly I think ill get the magmount for the car and see how it goes.


Will be checking your site out Hans, good to hear from you as always!


all the best


Ive just had another quick search and found out marine is 156 to 162mhz... is this correct



Yeah that covers marine band however there are a mix of simplex & duplex channels. Simplex being both sides of the conversation on one freq' and duplex using 2 freq's, one to send & one to receive.

Best ones to listen are 156.8 main calling & distress freq' ch16. Also ch0 156.0 used by HMCG & RNLI etc. These are simplex channels. Try this link for more details:

If you don't fancy DIY, I can recommend this aerial:

I have had two of these with exceptional results for the money, however it does need to be mounted outside, wasted in a loft.

Thanks Phill , Ill try that that frequency next time I see the RNLI out in the solent on the AIS app.!!!!


Colin Smith

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Colin was a great friend to the ship spotting community and was also an active member of this site for many years.

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