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Hi Guys

Thought it would be a good idea to list locations you have used (on land) that you can recommend for ship photos? Would be useful to those of us in foreign locations out of home territory. Maybe the description could include a map ref?

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Not a bad idea Howard.  The type of vessels likely to be seen could be added, like at Whitstable close to me it would be little ships, mainly fishing and wind farm support.  Have a gold star for thinking of the idea.

Jack Dryden has drawn my attention to the heading on the main page - SPOTTING - I have never noticed it but its a good place to share locations. Can we have a go at putting in great places to photograph ships? Would really help me without a doubt - Thanks

Good idea Howard...but I already contributed ages ago. Click the ShipSpotting link.



Great idea. I found Han's link way back very helpful indeed.


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