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Im not sure if Im the last one to find this out or the first...

When I go out equipt with camera, also I have a pen and paper to jot down the names of ships & MMSI numbers I will need later on when I get back home to upload on here.

A couple of times my pen has run out or my paper has blown away!! 


Today Ive only just realised you can take a screen shot on your iphone..

This is soooo handy! no more pens and paper!!!


Before or after taking a photo of your subject on your DSLR , check the details of your ship/plane on the Pinkfroot app and then press the iphones SELECT button and the POWER button at the same time together.

This will take a screen shot and will be automatically be saved in your photo album.

On returning home to sort out your photos on your DSLR , the photos and mainly details in your iphone photo album should be in order.


Hope that makes some sort of sense, and If everyone knows this already, just ignore

 so happy now, no more losing my notes!

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Good tip Steve,

I do the same but have iCloud set up on my device so they get synced to the photo stream and I just look at this when I get back on my computer as they are already there in iPhoto!  Magic!


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