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Not easy to do, without everyone assigning a tag I guess, but it would be nice if ship and plane photos were somehow separated from each other. I've not a lot of interest in planes (don't dislike them, just prefer ships), but it's impossible to look through and see what ship photos are on here other than my own...

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... and Plane photos are much more populous on this site.

When I first joined the site, I was wondering if they were seperated, But probaly planes are the most viewed. (No Offense to Ship fans, Ships are very intresting.

You think you've got problems now.. Just wait til Pinkfroot releases Train Finder! :-)
By the way, I love seeing my photos come up in the App!
It is good isn't it!  Have you started using the Share feature in the apps to post to Twitter and Facebook?
Yeah, not that any of my mates are interested though! ;-)


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