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I'm going to London Heathrow in january 29th going some plane spotting. Is there anybody from here that goes overthere too?





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Might have to come up to LHR for that one if i'm free!

do you know all the airport spotting spots at heathrow? if you dont just let me or anyone know am sure everyone will help you out

Although not everyone's cup of tea, I find that there is a pub called "The Green Man" which is under the approach path for runway 27L. It is a short walk from Hatton Cross Tube and is just off the A30. Time your visits wisely to coincide with 27L arrivals and you will see plenty. The approach for 27R can be seen in the background (and identified using your favourite plane spotting app) and much of the traffic going towards Stanstead and Luton can also be easily seen flying almost overhead.


Summer evenings can nest a large selection of Asian carriers on some evenings, however the dark evenings during winter will make it less promising. Plenty of refreshments available as you would expect.


I am sure there are others around the airport but I stay well away from the airport itself.

thanks guys for the info!

Hi folks
Have put myself down as a maybe on the event but should be almost certain to attend.
Ferdi, are you hiring a car or would you like some help to get to the best locations? If I can be there I would be happy to meet you at the terminals and give you some transport. Since the Queens Building Viewing Area closed many years ago there is nothing to see around the central area. All the spotting areas are a drive or taxi ride (though buses do run around the perimeter road).
Just let me know.
Hi, Ferdi.

My friend and I regularly spot aircraft at LHR, possibly once every few weeks if possible. We also spot at LGW sometimes The next time we go to LHR, we shall be staying in the Renaissance Hotel on the Plane Spotter's Package. I believe it is one of the best places to spot aircraft from, especially from their Club Lounge. However, this will be before the new year since we have free Heathrow Express vouchers which expire on 31/12/2011. Not sure of when exactly though.

I shall keep 29/01/2012 in mind and let my friend know. Hopefully we can attend too.


hey Guy,


That would be really cool more people the better I don't gonna rent a car, I talked to Lee about that.

Now I hope the weather will be good so we all can make nice pictures!

Hi there.

Sounds good! Me and my friend rely solely on public transport and it's not so bad. We get the 285 from Heathrow Central bus station to the Renaissance. About a 5 minute ride and you're there. Unless you had a different viewing area in mind because a lot of spotters use the viewing shelter stand at the Renaissance.
I think depending on the runway config and weather at the time dictates where we go. Hoping a better LHR pro will come along too. Am popping up next week with Mark for a session and a reccy!
Basically LHR follows these procedures -
Easterly Ops - straightforward - runway 09L (Northern runway) Nearly all landings all day. No take offs
Runway 09R (Southern runway) All take offs and occasional landing (in departure gaps T4 arrivals may land and A380s)
Car parking available on roadside but newly made HUGE kerb in places! Access to field for good shots of aircraft on final approach. Bring a chair and refreshments!
Westerly ops - more options - Runways alternate at 1500 hrs to give residents a rest from noise!
Runway 27L (Sth runway) landing best to be at small playing field just along from Hatton Cross bus/tube station. I think road is called Mrytle Avenue or Grove. Parking limited but more available in next road along with short walk back. My shots of Jumbos with trees/buildings/hangers are there.
Runway 27L take offs. I park in Stanwell and walk out to near Esso Garage south of airport. Good shots of departures (esp 747,777,A340) with tower in background. Bring chair but garage sell food and drink.
Runway 27R landing. I park at official viewing stand car park and walk back to small industrial estate for photographs (used to park there but gates have been put in). Veiwing stand good for viewing but not so good for photos. There are small trees and perimeter fence in way. Others who post on here must go right up to perimeter fence I think judging from their angles but I haven't.
Runway 27R take offs. I haven't bothered to try as I'd be over south side getting landing shots!
Some food for thought. Others have good locations also judging from their excellent contributions ( look at Daryll Morrells superb photographs!).
Made silly mistake at first. Runway 09LEFT is, of course, the northern of the 2 runways and is used for landings! 09RIGHT is the southern runway and used for departures!
This has always confused me, the runway operations at LHR. Hopefully I may be able to obtain an answer. LHR use 09L, 09R, 27L and 27R (all runways) for landing, but they only use 09R, 27L and 27R for takeoff. I have always spotted from Bath Road or the Renaissane Hotel and not seen one departure from 09L.

Thanks for any insight!


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